Translating to “The Road of the Devil” , this historic 250-mile trade route that was in use for close to a thousand years, certainly goes down as one of my all-time favorite overland routes. I spent this Thanksgiving holiday along with my wife Jenni and an awesome group of adventure buddies exploring this special place hidden deep within The Sonoran Desert.

The route runs within a stones throw of the US-Mexican border for a good part of the way. From Ajo, Arizona you will pass through the Cabeza Prieta wilderness and the Barry M. Goldwater Air Force Range. Permits need to be obtained from Luke Air Force Base prior to your arrival, but this can easily be done online. For me this route is the ultimate in desert exploration, covering everything from abandoned desert ranch land to almost completely intact fighter jet crashes.

Along with the epic Thanksgiving feast we enjoyed as a group my favorite part of this trip was exploring the many aircraft crash sites almost perfectly preserved by the remoteness of their locations. Craig who owns AAIR, a company specializing in Aircraft Archeology, is a walking encyclopedia of anything and everything aircraft and is always wiling to share his knowledge with us.

While you can probably do this route in two days I recommend spending at least three to four so you can really enjoy all that this route has to offer. Being isolated in the desert with great friends away from the insanity that exsists now surrounding holidays was amazing and exactly what it should be. No agendas, no bullshit, no itinerary - this is what camping with friends should be. I will continue to share my photos and adventures using these short journal entries, so keep checking back for updates.

Until the next adventure….


Andrew Vukovich